A rough schedule

Somewhat in the middle of a tonne of events at the moment, but let’s see if we can pin down some kind of rough schedule for when things will happen.

To start with, we’re pretty busy until mid-August. The No Heaven team is writing/running two events for other systems in mid-August and there’s a lot of planning and writing work still to be done there. That’s putting something of a brake on my plans to work on No Heaven and that’s why content hasn’t been as reliably once-a-week as I might like.

After those events, things should slacken off and we should be able to ramp things up. The below represents a rough timeline for how I’d like to see things going:

  • end of August: culture docs, setting, and history info is all written and published; start pushing the hype
  • September/October: running a playtest game or two to trial various mechanics
  • October/November: release full ruleset; open event bookings
  • Spring 2018: first game

Now, I said rough, and it is. It’ll likely slip (we’re only human) but by putting this together, we’re setting goals and goals can be aimed for. I have a suspicion that it might be easier for us to run in Autumn 2018 for the first game rather than Spring, for example.

Still, some kind of schedule is better than no kind of schedule. And I’m going to try and keep publishing new posts every week to keep interest going until we can start making the big jumps. That’ll include setting docs, rules snippets, and anything else that comes to us while we’re working on this.