No Heaven is a game we’ve been writing for a while. It’s borne many faces, and taken inspiration from many places, but it is coming together now into a form that can be taken forward into a fully-fledged LRP.

Taking inspiration from places like David Weber’s Safehold series, Mass EffectStargate Universe, and more, the world of No Heaven is a setting that will hopefully inspire many more stories amongst those who play in it.

A brief history

Humanity expanded beyond the Sol system after reverse-engineering faster-than-light technology from a ruined alien ship that drifted into the system. This technology amongst others found there has accelerated humanity’s technological understanding and allowed not only exploratory vessels but colony ships to leave the terraformed worlds of Sol behind and expand into new horizons.

Excited by the prospect of meeting new alien life, it was disappointing to discover that there were no other civilisations awaiting them – each they uncovered had been systematically destroyed in war.

Cautious, humanity prepared itself for war as well, and for years it appeared that those who feared an extraterrestrial threat were wrong – perhaps their war resulted in mutually assured destruction? Unfortunately they were wrong.

There was no declaration of war, no attempt at communication (at least as far as anyone could tell) – there was only their arrival and then the killing started. No one was safe: whether civilian and unarmed or military and fighting back, the slaughter was endless and thorough.

They followed as quickly as escapees could flee and little time was available for planning. Counter-assaults had limited success: humanity’s ships were more numerous but less powerful and many ships were lost in the process of blunting their attacks.

A last-ditch plan was formed: fleets of swift civilian ships filled with whatever refugees and technology could be crammed aboard along with military escorts were dispatched out into the galaxy to find a way to escape them. Since leaving human-colonised space, no further transmissions have been received from either the colonies or the other fleets.