Quick Update

The system document is currently on version 0.2.1. Proofreaders welcome.

There will definitely be no mainline event in 2018 as I am running an event for another system in Autumn.

More setting information will likely come when the crush of real life quietens down a bit – several major projects at work, closing down a private club, and a slew of LRP events as a player has collectively eaten all of my free time recently.

I am hoping to get things back on track *soon*.

Thanks for following along so far!

– Yoda

Checking the rules

It’s an interesting moment when you check your own rules and realise there are a number of assumptions you’ve made and thus not thought to write down.

Such as assuming that Strikedown, Shatter, and Cleave are all calls that anyone would recognise.

Version 0.2.0 of the rules now has several of those assumptions corrected. If anyone would like to help identify more holes in the rules, you can get early access to the current ruleset by contacting the Facebook page.

Breaking radio silence

Perhaps it is time to break the radio silence.

There are still many things to resolve before we go back into active operations, but one thing that has been getting worked on is the system document, which is now at version 0.1.2.

If you are interested in previewing the system document, and assisting with the early stages of development, get in touch by messaging the Facebook page.

Regarding events, it is looking unlikely that a full event will happen in 2018 due to other commitments within the team, but as soon as there is any news on that front, we will inform you immediately.

Thanks for your interest!

Addressing the radio silence

It’s been quiet here of late, and some of that is due to simply being busy. Since the last post, I’ve had a major fest and run two other events in quick succession[1]one the weekend after the other, starting two weeks after said major fest. Just that in itself is quite enough to explain why we’ve not been updating – we’ve been busy and frankly I needed some downtime.

We have been working on the system and some other aspects of the game, and that is actually one of the major reasons I’m not quite up to posting more stuff about the game at the moment.

I’m quite sanguine about where the system is, and I’m relatively confident I could get the required fluff written up so that people can start planning what they might want to do, but there are still some other concerns which are making me consider what I want to be doing with this game.

More to the point, they are making me reconsider whether I want to continue with the project in its current format. So I’m going to be taking more time to think about it, and while I will come back to write an update, I don’t know how long it’ll be before that happens at this time.

Notes   [ + ]

1.one the weekend after the other, starting two weeks after said major fest