What lies beyond?

No Heaven is a game of deep space exploration and survival, pitting you not only against the threats of the extraterrestrial and the dangers of unknown worlds, but against each other in a struggle for dominance over the dwindling hope of the species.

Will we fight for our survival, or run to live another day? Shall we arm for war or expand our farms? These are the questions the fleet faces every day as they make their way between worlds searching for answers.

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Humanity expanded across the stars thanks to the discovery of alien technology. Now, years later, the alien threat that left each other civilisation they’ve discovered in shattered ruins has come for them.

For all that they know, this ragtag fleet of survivors may be all that is left of humankind, fleeing for their lives from system to system and scavenging all they can to survive.



No Heaven is a game we’ve been writing for a while. It’s borne many faces, and taken inspiration from many places, but it is coming together now into a form that can be taken forward into a fully-fledged LRP.

Taking inspiration from places like David Weber’s Safehold series, Mass EffectStargate Universe, and more, the world of No Heaven is a setting that will hopefully inspire many more stories amongst those who play in it.

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Quick Update

The system document is currently on version 0.2.1. Proofreaders welcome. There will definitely be no mainline event in 2018 as I am running an event for another system in Autumn. More setting information will likely come when the crush of real life quietens down a bit – several major projects at work, closing down a private …

Checking the rules

It’s an interesting moment when you check your own rules and realise there are a number of assumptions you’ve made and thus not thought to write down. Such as assuming that Strikedown, Shatter, and Cleave are all calls that anyone would recognise. Version 0.2.0 of the rules now has several of those assumptions corrected. If …


Yoda and Andy are the brains behind No Heaven, and they’ve been putting the pieces together on this for a while, taking their time to develop a setting and system that delivers their vision.

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