No Heaven prelude “Ceres” event guide now available

Dark Corridor by Joakim Olafson

It’s taken some time, but the event guide for No Heaven prelude 1: “Ceres” is now available for people to look at. The event guide contains a number of details about the setting which had previously not been specified as well as the details you will need when it comes time to book.

On that note, booking opens Thursday 3rd October at 7pm. Details of how to book will be made available at that time.

If there is something you would like to see added to the guide, or something you think is missing, let us know and we’ll update it or tell you why not.

Download the event guide (PDF)

Image by Joakim Olafson used with permission.

No Heaven prelude 1: Ceres

The Ceres Workers Collective started off as a ramshackle collection of asteroid miners putting together the basics required for semi-permanent living and working in the asteroid belt rather than having long seasons between being able to work. At first, there were some bitter rivalries but the dangers of space largely kept things from going too far. As time went on and nanotech advances made mining easier, the various independent mining groups realised they could get a better price for their resources if they sold them as a collective instead of individually. A workers’ collective was formed with each person working the belt being offered the chance to join. The entry stake was high, but not impossible to reach and those who couldn’t afford it immediately put aside every spare but of currency earned to be able to one day afford it. Those who can afford the full stake are able to join as full members with voting rights. Those who can’t afford it yet can become associate members as long as they make use of CWC facilities and agree not to make any independent trades. The cost of living means it often takes decades for someone to earn their full stake but those who come out to the Belt to work aren’t afraid of hard work under dangerous conditions.

Due to the dangers of living in what is essentially a tin can exposed to space on most sides with the atmosphere and power provided by equipment decades out of date and vastly overworked, clothing tends toward the practical on Ceres. Utility suits which can be quickly sealed for low atmosphere and breathing masks with an internal oxygen supply are essentially considered mandatory for those who can’t afford better gear. The people who live and work there are often marked in the manner of their work, with stains from spilled coolants, ore dust, and fuel being common. The Pinterest board I put together for the CWC is here:

The first game of No Heaven is intended to take place on the Ceres colony shortly after the aliens enter the Sol system. Those who could afford to purchase transport away have already left (or been left behind) and those who remain on station have few choices on what to do next. Some of the mining rigs have been left behind, but they’re slow and trying to evade warships in one isn’t going to go well. The best choice seems to be the emergency shelters nestled in the rocky core of Ceres, remnants of old mining tunnels converted into long term storage. What will happen to the colony? What will happen to those left behind? You’ll have six hours to find out.

No Heaven prelude 1 “Ceres” is intended to be run in early 2020 in Bravo One, Birmingham. Further details regarding character archetypes, dates, cost, catering, and so on are being worked out and will be made available as soon as possible.