Look and Feel – Ceres Workers Collective

Everything’s busy at the moment, but here’s another look and feel post. This time for the Ceres Workers Collective. I have solid ideas for the look in my head, but it’s actually relatively tricky to find good examples so bear with me.

The Ceres Workers Collective (name not final) are largely asteroid miners based off of a ramshackle colony anchored to Ceres. The colony is serviceable, but it’s been prone to its share of unexpected atmosphere breaches and as a consequence people tend to wear serviceable rugged gear.

Due to the nature of the work they’re doing, a lot of their gear tends to be well-used and dirty. Rarely ragged though – patching is prominent. Ceres doesn’t have much in the way of gravity, so the Ceres-born don’t tend to like carrying too much weight with them when they’re in gravity wells – they adjust to it, but on a world with Earth-like gravity, everything weighs about four times as much as it does on Ceres.

A lot of medical engineering has gone into meaning that Ceres-born humans can survive and handle “high-grav” environments.

There’s no formal military on Ceres in the same way as there is elsewhere, so the main differentiation in the militia is that their uniform overalls tend to be newer and less well-used than what your standard civilian has to hand.

CWC Engineer
Kaywinnet Lee Frye is a good example of a CWC engineer.
CWC Militia
CWC Militia
CWC Civilian
CWC Civilian
CWC Civilian
This CWC civilian appears to be doing well for themselves


The Ceres Workers Collective will often be found in overalls and other practical gear. Dirt, grease, and oil-stained clothing is common, and many habitually carry emergency oxygen supplies just in case.

Militia members (military characters) will tend to wear the same style of clothing though it may be a bit more formalised and in better condition. What makes them stand out more than their clothes is the armour and weapons they carry as they tend to be the only people on Ceres who have access to firearms.

Most things on Ceres get used until they can’t be used any more and then broken up into parts to fix other things. The same applies to clothing, and many people will have second-, third-, or even sixth-hand clothes and gear that’s been patched with whatever was to hand and worked.